Reward Web Site Components

Rewards Web Site programs are set up to give the reward program administrator greater access to the information they need for their program. This section takes a look at some of the components of a Rewards Web Site.

Employee Rewards Websites
Align Employees to business goals and objectives. Run online employee reviews, Redeem rewards at a company branded web site, and gain access to greater accountability through reporting.
Customer Loyalty Websites
Open new channels of communication with customers, to further enhance your brand promise. Reporting give access to new marketing data to drive your organizations customer-centric approach.

Going online
Whether you are looking to reward employees or loyal customers, rewards websites create an effective means for driving desired behavior. Rewards websites can help cut costs on your incentive program as well as boost ROI - spotlighting rising stars within the organization or providing customer buying trends through reporting.

  • Most Up-To-Date Product Selections
  • Greater Program Accountability Through Reporting
  • New Channel For Communications
  • Strengthen Your Brand
  • Reduce Printing Costs
  • Stand Out From the Competition


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