Effective & Efficient Instant Recognition Choose-Your-Gift has become one of the easiest recognition solutions to implement for companies looking for a rewarding gift at a great value. Where other companies use off brand reward selections, each Choose-Your-Gift features 40 Name Brand Products per level, and is available in 14 price levels.

Choose-Your-Gift is very simple to administer. Its a selective gift program, where you distribute booklets (one per employee) and recipients can choose a gift that fits their needs and wants.

  • 40 Gift Choices In Each Level
  • Available in 14 Price Levels
  • As Easy as a Gift Card, but Better
  • Buy and Redeem Online
  • Customize with Logo and Message
  • Reporting Available

New To Choose-Your-Gift?
Here's What to Do

Determine Goals and Reward Style
Your first step is to decide what you are rewarding, then create a list of employees and differentiate their reward level, based on your goal.

Purchase Choose-Your-Gifts
Go to chooseyourgift.com or call 1-800-868-9132 and order one booklet per employee. Available in denominations $20 - $1,000.
Recognize Employees
Use your Choose-Your-Gift Booklets to recognize your employees for their hard work. Each booklet comes with a gift envelope. Employees can redeem via postcard or online (ecyg.net)
Measure Results
Use our online redemption reporting to see what your employees ordered to make a personalized follow up, and measure program's success.
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