The Key to Your Programs Success
Online Programs offer many advantages over traditional rewards programs for many reasons, but most importantly, is the ability for program accountability. Run reports on your participants rewards accounts, and gleam valuable data. See participant order histories, reward points given, and by whom (or dept.). See who your best performers are (employee program) or what your best/most popular services are, and who uses them (customer loyalty program).
  • Identify Top Performers
  • Identify key demographics and which services they desire
  • Update Rewards Product selections
  • Get a snap-shot of the current state of your program

Download Sample Reports
Right-Click and choose "Save File As"...

Make informed product selections

Need to know which products are hot and which are not? Search your items ordered to find out which items were ordered, when, and delivered to whom. Find your busiest “redemption period” by searching by date ranges, great for budget forecasting. See that digital cameras are your best product, and add more varieties. By constantly evolving your product selection based on your participant information will keep your participants interested.

Give personalized attention or view the program as a whole
Easily answer participant ’s redemption inquiries by searching the program by a user’s name or account. Query will return all order redemptions by the given user- very helpful for clientele management and customer service inquiries. Need to see a larger snap-shot of your programs performance? Just enter a date range or narrow/expand your criteria.

Gain client marketing insight
In order to further your brand and deliver the best possible user experience, you will need to have all the information pertaining to individual participants reward points. Easily view participants point activity (points being added to the players rewards account) by name or by date range. Gain valuable marketing data on customers or make internal promotional decisions. Finally your program has the accountability you desire!

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