Employee Recognition Programs

Rewards Can Change Organizational Climate
Create the ideal organizational climate by spontaneously rewarding employees for actions that are in line with organization goals. Use your incentive program as a place to define and communicate those goals and the actions necessary to achieve them.
  • Run Your Program Online for Greater Efficiency
  • Encourage Employee Organization Goal Alignment
  • Create and Solidify Internal Brand Promise
  • Use Instant Reward Points - Redeemable at company Rewards Web Sites
  • Take Advantage of Reporting Capabilities
  • Employees Choose Gift from Diverse Selection
  • Use Choose-Your-Gift for Instant Recognition- order at chooseyourgift.com
Deliver Your Brand
One of the driving factors in employee engagement is to what extent they feel responsible for identifying and satisfying the needs of the customer - delivering on your brand promise. This desire for satisfaction will drive customer satisfaction to higher levels. Use your program to reward, as well as educate employees on the aspects that make your brand so powerful.

Open Ended Recognition Program?
Online recognition programs allow you to aid more in the process of creating better employees through various communication and incentive channels. By running your program year round, you are demonstrating to employees that you are engaged in their success.

Online Reward Websites Provide the Accountability You Need
In our times of Sabanes Oxley laws and tightening recognition budgets, being able to make the case for your programs success is crucial. Online programs give you the option of generating up-to-date real time reports of the status of your program and recipients.

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